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Hello, my name is Raquel, I’m Brazilian and my heart was touched by the need that the Bania have for the Gospel. I wonder if there is any way I can get involved in producing evangelistic literature for them. Thank you and God bless!

Thanks for this information and card idea. I am traveling by air this weekend. Last week I prayed the Lord would have a Muslim cross my path. Jeannie’s short tutorial has prepared me with a conversation starter! “Eid Mubarak!” And I’m making a printable card with several of the suggested scripture verses to give to this precious person that Holy Spirit sends! I also have prayed ahead of time in preparation for this divine assignment in which we both will be blessed.

Shalom from Uganda! this Teaching is so amazing, It’s true that we should let our House to be as the Light so that people can come for the light.
This is exactly what I’m doing here in my home.
I’m ta king care for three Lam people, two of them cannot walk, they just use weel chair. one can walk.
So people said why a m taking about them, but me and my wife we said no this is what God wants us to do; they are also GOD’S image.
Thank you for this wonderful Teaching.

These materials are excellent. I have used them for years for a once a month class at church for 1st – 4th graders. We call it “Prayer for the Nations”. We learn a little about a people group, pray for them, do a related activity or game and taste something eaten by the people group. Kids love learning about other cultures and praying that they will hear and believe the gospel. I was wondering, since I have used these materials so long, have they been updated with new info. and stories? Thanks for this incredible resource!

Dear brother,
I never gone through a parenting with a global vision.
I wanted to understand more about it. I know Godly parenting is God’s in God’s heart for His chosen ones, in the building of His kingdom. But I wanted to understand more to take it as a global vision ?


This is a great piece! So good to see what you are doing. I love it! May I suggest you attach a picture of yourself to the newsletter? People would like to see your lovely face and remind them of a person attached to this great information.

I am SO thankful for that all that God has given to me like our wonderful seasons in Raleigh, freedom of religion, my wonderful husband, the ability to work and do what I love so much. God has blessed me so much and I am so appreciative!! I pray for the Afghan families who are scared and will be persecuted. This breaks my heart!!

Has anyone used this in a Sunday School class format? We are wanting to highlight it on Sundays, and then, send home the one pager for our families to continue the conversation. Would love some ideas of how to use it in a classroom setting.

Yes! it is true and it’s urgent need in families especially in the world of social media where not only children are busy but parents as well. We need to adopt family prayer and a sense of quality time with family.
My observations are that we are so busy to make money to be happy but ignoring our kids. Secondly there is vital role of church in this matter and church need to know importance of family life and next generations. There should be a strong structure of Sunday School, Teens’ group and Youth group.
Many blessing for all of you.

May God be known to the vietnamese. and though there is persecution, may the believers be strengthen and continue to proclaim the good news of christ, as we believe that GOD’s heart is on nations to know him and praise him, we do believe as we pray according to his will, is possible and more possible.

Revelation 7:9
(Please continue give me more information, so that we may consistantly pray for them)

Lynette’s email is not functional, would love to respond to her directly.

Thank you for sharing about the undiscovered gift in Christian service, The Incredible Gift of Going in the Weave Journal.
I do missionary work to South Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Zanzibar and its encouraging to read about your courageous experience with your children as you Live Out Gods Work.

We are 4 in my family and come June will be five. I have always shared prayer needs with my children about family and ministry. Sometimes I mention names of areas to be prayed for, where am going and so on and anytime these names/ places are missing on the list, my children would remind me like the refugees etc…..

Recently, my eldest son(5 years) asked me if I would go with him to the refugee camps and I promised him that I would when I we get a personal car. I usually visit the camps 4 to 6 times in the year and its 12 hours by bus from home. My children are good explorers, they ask me almost anything that comes to their mind or crosses their way, am sure “going with them” will raise many more questions about the refugees thus giving me an opportunity to teach them to be part of Gods mission.

Blessings to you and your family

Chris Mugweri

Scripture Union Uganda
Missionary Assistant

So true! I grew up in the 60/70s – we always had international folks in our house growing up. The exposure to other cultures and other views planted a love of culture and language in me that led me to a career in mission work globally and locally. Best gift you can give your kids is this kind of exposure. And hospitality is the most under-utilized missional gift we have in the church here. The impact you are making is very possibly more than if you did move half-way around the world. Kudos.

Thanks for sharing! This sums up a lot of what our family has been through! We are a family with 3 young boys (6,4,2) and our journey into M-work started just less than 2 years ago as we said simple “yes’s” to God as we felt him leading us onto the field. After some training and a short-term trip, we are now living in Southeast Asia for the foreseeable future. Overall, I would say that our children have done AMAZINGLY well with the transition and when I look at families who have waited to enter the field until their kids are older, it is actually more difficult because as kids get older, they have stronger opinions LOL! Not to say that it isn’t doable to enter the field when your kids are any age if the Lord is leading. But going on this journey has given us a TOTAL upgrade in faith and truly experiencing God in our lives. There are challenges, no doubt, but the joys and blessings far outweigh those challenges!!!

Excellent article! I sure want to share this with young families in our church
It seems like so few families with children are considering foreign missions. We did a two year mission with our first two toddlers We also adopted two foreign babies while there
I want parents to know that young children adjust to most changes better than adults and their presence is an asset as they draw people to you. Now that our kids are grown and have gone on their own short and longer mission trips, when fearful parents ask us how we cope with letting our children go to foreign countries we can honestly say we have more peace with them across the world in his will for them than if they or we should ignore God’s calling and stay home in nice “safe” America. Thanks for your article.

I love this story! It is great in terms of the value of friendship and the gold there can be in just genuinely wanting to get to know someone so different from you. Bravo, Lea. I love your uncontrollable tears at the end. Surprised by joy/sadness.

A mission minded child is that who uses giving as a bait to win other children to Christ.

A mission minded child is that who points to Christ and when he is celebrated for his/her intelligence.

A mission minded child is sensitive to other children’s feelings with the aim of encouraging them.

I strongly agree that children are not unuseful in Gods own agenda. During Jesus’ ministry here on earth, a lad gave out what fed thousands of people. who could believe that such a kid would possess what eventually would be called a MIRACLE ! Indeed, children are useful members of Gods terrain.
God bless our children.

In my Sunday school class most of the children had the same perception about them not being used by God in a. Big way .but this changed after doing one drama about Jesus being carried by a donkey during palm Beach sunday.so I decided to be the donkey and called out for a volunteer to come on top of me behaving like Jesus afterwards the kids were asking how dare you behave like a child crawling on the floor.
My answer was in God’s eyes we are all equal and what I can do they can.do.better…since then they are seeing themselves to be missionaries helping out other kids to know Jesus.

Thank you for this article! Such a good reminder to lead with love. Sometimes when my kiddos words are unkind to each other, it’s a direct reflection of how I’ve been sounding lately. . . And they love it when I let them do things – especially in the kitchen. I have to remind myself that it’s worth the time – even if it ends up being much messier!

About 10 years ago in a young married Bible study one of the guys in the group was being convicted by God to mission work, but he had a nice job, new family, and turn key home. It sat with him for weeks until he finally announced he was quitting his job that following week and was going to do a short term mission in Africa. All of us praised his commitment but were also nervous for his new family. How were they going to make it? He didn’t even have a lead for a new job. Fast forward 10 years and he is one of the leading photographers for BBC and other publications showing the world what a difference missionaries can make and bringing God’s people and their needs to us at home. He leaped forward without a clue what he was going to do to provide for his family and God provided for him.

I want my kids to always rely on God, even in the midst of trouble. I want them to persevere through challenges and rise up with forgiveness towards those whom they’ve been wronged by. I think about how amazing Joseph handled challenges and was always relying of God’s plan. I pray for that for our children.

[…] a family. There are wonderful ideas like this Advent chain for praying for the nations. They have a comprehensive and well put together list of all sorts of resources for global missions as a family, particularly resources for sale. If […]

I want to see a deep love instilled in my child towards those who are “against” him. I want to see my child make the most of every opportunity, even when it is less than ideal, like Joseph did when he was imprisoned. I want to see my child use the gifts and circumstances God blesses him with to serve and care for others around him, making the most of God and not himself, like Joseph did when he had favor with the king.

My wife and I are starting to plan to go full time to the Philippines and would love to use different resources to help teach our two girls more of a global perspective of what God is doing and His love for the World. This would be a great resource.

My son is already interested in the map we have up in our living room but this would be a handy tool to bring down to his level and use to learn about and pray for the nations and to find the countries that our international friends are from.

My 3 kids would love this map! Every morning, we go through a photo album filled with missionary prayer cards and pick which missionary family to pray for that morning. We could use the map to locate where they are serving and help my kids learn where there is a great need for missionary service. It would be a great tool for our morning missionary prayers.

I would use it the way my dad did with us… as a way to make learning fun, to visualize a bigger world than ourselves, to see where a pen pal in Ghana lives… A prayer tool right there on the wall and daily reminder of God’s abundant creativity!

I would love to post one of these in each of our kids’ rooms, to always remind them to draw bigger circles around their world. This map, in combination with the Operation World prayer calendar would enrich their lives.

Our family would love to check out the map and find where the different people or places are that we hear about on the news, pray for, or learn about from friends. One of our favorite things to look up is the places where they might eat food like we are for dinner.

I am enjoying so much about WEAVE it is hard to limit my praise. I am the Director Children’s Program & Family Engagement as well as a Global Missions Team Leader at a very mission minded church – I love your resources for all aspects of my job, the practical way to make everyday life the mission for which families are called! Discipleship made natural when led by the Spirit and encouraged in all areas of life.

I grew up in a non-Christian household. After having taken Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, the concept of a Christian Legacy and trying to raise “world-conscious” children both in my family and in the children of my church, is something I feel clueless about doing. Thank you so much for sharing about these resources and ideas of how to pray with my son. I love the illustration you shared this month on intercession!

Great reminder to keep saying those words of truth. It makes me more aware to be conscious of the things i am saying, not to make them think their purpose is to just have fun, or to be an obedient drone that sits still all the time. Not to call them shy or pigeon hole them early on as weird, goofy, brainiac, or rowdy, messy monster. I grew up with 2sisters & we were constantly reminded & told that Kristy was the smart one, Courtney was the athelete, & i was the ‘different’ artsy one. While based on our main interests, those labels were limiting to our whole person, since i was actually smart too, & Kristy was also very sociable & a good dancer.also, when Courtney didn’t win the basketball game or Kristy made a B On a test, their self worth plummeted. Either way, we weren’t instilled in our greater identity as daughters of God, & our purpose to glorify Him with our gifts & lives. I hope to do that with my 3 boys & not box them in a label that defines their worth based on their performance.

Is this book available for purchase? I didn’t see it on your resource list. I pray with K-4th graders once a month for unreached people groups around the world. We try to experience a bit of the culture through food, games, cultural facts and pictures. Then we pray for the unreached and Christians in each country.

Though my 2 kids and I live with grandma and grandpa and we are all sleeping in one bedroom I belive this book would highlight greatly what I have been talking/teaching them, being thankful for what we have (blessings God has given to us) because there are many children and families without things: shelter, food, freedom. My kids and I went for the first time to serve at a shelter and it was a great experience. The book would be great because I can use it to further explian to them that therr are kids amd families around the world who are in need and brainstorm with them possibilities of how to reach out and help them.

I love this reminder as school starts. Kids need to be able to transition from summer break to school schedules. This is why our family always says, “No” to fall sports. It gives Momma teacher and kids a chance to breathe as homework and class work take a priority. Thanks for the reminder about helping grandparents. That one seemed like something I could do more of.

Learning the alphabet right now with one of our littles. It would be great to do that while also teaching about the people in the world who don’t have the Bible. We have been trying to teach that the blessings we have are so we can bless others who don’t have what we do, whether that’s food, education, knowledge of Jesus, or the Bible.

Yesterday, my daughter pitched a bawling fit because her dad was sick and couldn’t set off fireworks with her when she wanted. This, after a day of playing with a brand new swing set, eating as much food as she needed, a day when every need and want were met. I wondered how my sweet American child had become so entitled. In a country where nearly everyone has plenty, it would be good for her to see the perspective of those who live in the land where the fireworks were made…

We just started homeschooling our 4 year old and he has such a passion to know more about the world around him. We purchased the fabric map and using the schedule from Operation World, we are praying for the nations. This book would be another great tool to use with him to reinforce a love for world missions and our Savior Jesus Christ.


Kids can help in so many ways. They can do tangible projects. My daughter raised $61 last year to support a girl’s shelter in South Asia. She did household chores and consigned toys to earn the money. It was earned about $.50 at a time so she worked very hard. Her grandparents matched her gift and so she was able to have $122 to help provide uniforms, food, shelter and the Gospel to girls her age who live on the street. We also got a scratch off prayer map from amazon. We gather at night and scratch off a country and pray for the people and people groups of that country each night. Don’t underestimate kids. Jesus didn’t 🙂

They can help in so many ways! They can be big helpers in fundraising if they understand what they are raising money for. Making and selling a product that kids can help with gives them ownership. They can help tell others about the trip. They can obviously help pack and get ready. When you are there, depending on the details of the trip they can be involved in the teachings, lessons, dramas or even cleaning. Their part might be small but it will make a big difference in their lives.

Hey Walker,

You mention there being a ministry to Disney World? My family and I are traveling there in September and would love to know more how we can put your principles in action.

God bless,


[…] » Visit the CMM Press store for additional resources for children, parents, and teachers written or collected by Weave Family ministries. See also the extensive resource lists on the Weave Family website. […]

We have one, two, and five year olds and currently utilize our bedtime prayer as time to pray for others. We’ll soon begin prayer time together during the day and will introduce praying for others in other places they (or even we) have not been to. Having tools like this would open a whole new world for them. Thank you for what you do, Weave.

I’m just getting connected to this site, although I’ve known a little about Weave for a while. This spring I have taking the Perspectives class again and am really being challenged about how I can communicate God’s global heart to my children. This would be a great resource! “Prayer is the foundation of missions.” (said by several of our instructors) Everyone can pray!

First time at this site. I really like the idea of teaching our students how other believers of different cultures worship the Lord. We will be more intentional in doing this in the future. Thank you for posting the above activity. How exciting heaven will be as we witness our brothers and sisters from other nations worshiping the Lord.

We are teaching a weekly session for kids of parents taking Perspectives. Using THe Journey and Weave articles for our curriculum. I would love to have this resource for helping kids pray more specifically and reinforcing the things we have talked about praying for the different needs of different THUMB people groups. We have use the coloring book and Wycliffe has things to pray for BIbleless people groups, too. Cloth map on the floor to find their homes.

As a relatively new parent of an 18 month old, our primary goal with her right now is to teach her that she is under authority. When she disobeys, we have been disciplining her and telling her that she is under her parents authority and ultimately under God’s authority.

My preschooler is receptive toward doing things together. We sometimes pause during the day to pray together. If something is bothering her, we pray for God to give her courage or whatever she needs. She also likes to read and has learned a lot already through books. When we read Bible stories, I sometimes try to point out what those stories teach us about God.

I try to be intentional about watching what my children are interested in and ask good questions to help teach them about God. Who made the stars? Who made that animal? How should we treat our brother? Bringing truth and life in our icky sticky sibling moments too!

i have 2 boys (ages 4 & 2) and a third boy due soon! i try to use the difficult moments of the day, when sharing is hard, when im losing my patience with them, when they grumble about having to do chores, etc, to communicate God’s Word, the gospel, and what real love is.

I’m a mom of a 3 and 2 year old boy and would love to learn the skills of how to teach my children about the Lord and who He is by incorporating Him into every day life. I am sure I will learn about the Lord in new ways myself, reading the book.

My husband and I have two young boys ages 2 & 3, and expecting our third little one in May. We are in the midst of transitioning our Family into full time ministry in Bolivia, South America next month. It is our passion to serve overseas to the Mennonite people full time together as a family. It is our prayer that with God’s guidance He will give us the wisdom in how to teach and include our little ones in Ministry and also walk along side other young families in decipleship and spur on the passion of becoming a family in ministry as well.

Greg Koukl’s book Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions, is an excellent book that teaches you how to use skillful questions to engage others in spiritual conversations and cause them to think about the validity of their own convictions. It teaches a non-confrontational and gracious way to defend the faith. The website http://www.str.org – (Stand to Reason) offers other resources as well. Sean McDowell’s book Apologetics for a New Generation is another good resource for youth.

I’ve made it a goal for this new year to take time each Wednesday to intentionally begin teaching my (almost) 3 year old about God’s heart for the nations and the invitation he has given our family to reach out to our neighbors and the World. I’m thankful for Weave making little lessons that I can pick up and work into our lives and for sharing so many more great resources!

I am involved with our elementary aged kids at church doing mission teaching–helping kids see the world like GOD does. Right now, I have a small group (during the time their parents are taking the Perspectives class) each week. I want to help kids know and love GOD more, celebrate new cultures, and be asking our selves how WE each are part of His plan to bring all peoples into His Kingdom. I would love to have this resource!

The one thing I want to do to raise the next generation to fulfill God’s purposes is to keep God’ word within their hearing all day. His word is so full of real ways to love and help others, there is no better way to teach them why and how to reach the world than from His word, especially the New Testament.

My husband and I have a growing group of un-churched kids coming with friends to a Sunday evening group at church, grades 4-7. I would love to share inspiring stories that show them (and our church kids) what it means to follow Jesus in the world!

Our 5 kids are grown, but we have raises them with mission hearts. Now I continue to work with children and see my continued call to inpart the mission heart of God to children for eternal impact in God’s kingdom. It is all about God’s being made famous in all people’s that all will worship God!

Your question has caused me to stop and reflect. Thank you! Honestly, I think I am hoping a commitment to intercessory prayer is caught. We try to pray consistently for friends and family who do not yet know Christ as Lord, following up our prayer with conversations and invitations to participate in Christian activities (like playing with us in a Christian basketball league). Every night (and as needed) we pray for friends on the missions field and church missionaries because they have our hearts! My first grade Sunday School kids (7 boys and 1 girl who can hold her own) make sure we pray for our assigned missionaries (who have 5 boys!) every week! The boys’ grandmother was my assistant teacher in September, so each week we take out our huge framed picture, name each family member, remember what they are doing, and pray for “dear Mrs. O’Brien’s family.”

We also do seek to teach about the importance of prayer. Admittedly, it is rarely planned! As we read missionary biographies, prayer is key. As we read books like “The Finish Line”, prayer is key. As we receive missionary prayer letters, prayer is key! I learn right along with my kids!

Your question reminded me of one habit I’d love to cultivate in our family. (We’ll see if it sticks.) I heard an amazing missionary speak about 20 years ago whose name completely eludes me. She encouraged two prayer habits. She would put the names of missionaries where she did regular chores (the handle of the vacuum, the dishwasher, etc.), and she would turn that boring chore time into prayer time. Noting that missionaries run into the same headaches we all do (car trouble, leaky faucet, etc), with perhaps we fewer resources to solve that problem, she would face any trouble by praying for missionaries who may be facing that same trouble. Could my kids pray for “dear Mrs. O’Brien’s grandsons” working on their homework as we are working on ours? Could they pray for MKs to have the courage to invite their friends to play in the hopes of sharing Christ as we ask our friends to play basketball? Perhaps we pray for our missionary friend every time we drive to school?

May the Lord’s name be honored in all the world as we join with His heart for all peoples!

I was very encouraged to see these resources for kindling vision in children to care for all people. In our home we prayed and learnt regularly about the missionaries and wrote to them, every supper prayer, included different ones each day. We always tried to make sure children’s resources included missionary content in our church. Now we have the grandchildren to encourage to see beyond themselves to reach out in Jesus’ name. Regularly communicating about our international worker’s prayer needs and praying has been, and is, a top priority.

Yours is a wonderful website I just discovered! I am tutoring an international college student in conversational English, and just began using Christianity Explained as a means to practice English (AND talk about the gospel!). We sponsor a little boy from Togo through Compassion. I’m also the missions advocate & committee chair at our church.
We cannot get enough resources to open people’s eyes to the claims of the Lord God, and to the need to be obedient in praying for and reaching out to others with the gospel, especially unreached people groups. THANK YOU!

I just found your site and love it! Great resources and encouragement on how guide to teach our children to love God’s mission! In our house we pray for the unreached and also get our little one involved in small outreaches opportunities in Mexico (since we live right by the USA/mexico border) where she can learn to serve and experience another country.

I grew up without any cousins. No relatives near us at all so for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other normal family days my parents invited international students from local colleges and universities to share the day with us. They enjoying being a part of an American family and my family got bigger and bigger as the years went by. My mother (now 94) still keeps in touch with over 200 of her international children and even knows some as grandchildren. We have tried to carry on the tradition with college students even though I married into a family with lots of cousins.

We demonstrate God’s Love for all people buy modeling hearts of hospitality. This can be anything from inviting a neighbor over for dinner to sponsoring and sending gifts to children around the world, to hosting exchange students… We just want our kiddos to know that the world is much, MUCH bigger than our family!

Quarterly mission project in our church for ages 3 yrs.– 5th grade:
This quarter, we are focusing on Bosnian flood victims. Summer was for kids in India who need to help support their families via selling eggs, etc; VBS project was for Kenyan widows. I love having visuals for my monthly teaching times. This is a great visual for teaching about “nations” meaning people groups NOT countries. We are trying to help our whole church understand that concept of ethne….reached and unreached.

We live on a very multi cultural street & interact, serve and play with everyone, with the aim of sharing the gospel. We sponsor a missionary & a child in need in southern India & regularly pray for, write them & learn about their region. This helps us a family to feel connected & on mission in an international way too.

So true, we are facing our older two leaving home in the next few years. It is amazing to look as see how far we have come as a family. It is also a time of reflections and wonder if we did enough or what needs to be done in teaching and training before they leave home.

What will life be like for us after they are grown and on their own?

We are a family seeking an and all resources to equip our own children, but we desire to use this to share with other families wrecked by God’s heart for the nations. Our family has already changed in how we view the world and choices we make, but I want to raise our children to always have God’s heart in the forefront of their minds, seeking out all opportunities to share His love with all peoples.

We are a family looking for any and everything to help educate and equip our children as well as be a resource to other families. Perspectives has completely changed our family and what we consider priorities in our lives! If God does open a way for us to live among the unreached than we want to use this resource to prepare our children’s hearts.

I’ve always wanted to be a missionary, but after having children I thought that dream was out of reach. I’ve met so many families who are missionaries since that are overseas with their children and even with newborns, but I’m not sure I could do that. I do however see a growing need for missionaries right here in the states. We have four very compassionate and loving children who are always wanting to help others, so my desire to be a missionary has been expanded to my own children and that makes me want to spread God’s news all the more. I think this book can really help me to see how to be a missionary with a growing family and give us courage to spread God’s message of salvation everywhere He sends us. :0 )

Sounds like a great resource! Our family has been pursing cross-cultural missions for several years, but recently have hit many road blocks and to be honest are growing weary of the process of moving of growing family overseas. Hoping this book will renew our hope and spur us on to continue this journey.

It is becoming more apparent to me every day that we must teach our kids how to follow hard after God. It is not the church’s job and it will not happen accidentally. I am looking forward to reading this book to get some practical ideas and wisdom to make that happen.

I want to impart on my children (my husband already knows this and lives it) that people all over the planet are equal in the eyes of our Lord. Just because you have a life that looks different from Americans, doesn’t make you any less of a gift from God. Doing mission work has shown me that wealth is relative to your soul, not to your bank account and I want my kids to understand that. It will make their life much richer.

Our family feels called to be true friends to the people closest to us: our neighbors, our schoolmates, and family. We are called to share life with them and share the Truth of the Gospel, His Good News of salvation. We have moved 4 times in the last 4 years in response to this call: to downsize 3 times, to pay off debt, and be available for whatever He calls our family to do. This book looks like something we could use as a tool for direction in ministry to our “Jerusalem and Judea”.

Im a single homeschool Mom. My son is ten, and I plan to go on mission trips with him. I’m unsure if how to get him interested without making him feel pressured. I have no problem finding mission work for me, but I want to do missions with my son. I think this book would offer ideas for what to do with him for the kingdom. I would love to win the book!!

Perfect marriage, check. Perfect family, check. Perfect home, check. God had blessed me with the perfect American christian’s dream…and then I took Perspectives. 😉 A book like this would definitely give me and my family more of a mission-minded outlook!

My family and I are praying that God would use us to reach our neighbors, specifically our Mulsim neighbors behind us. Our dream is to see a church grow out of this large family that would one day reach other Muslims in our city. There currently is not a church in our vicinity that a Muslim-background believer would feel culturally comfortable.

We are just starting a Daring daughters group. We are so excited to learn more about missions as a family and teaching our girls to have a focus on missions. We are going to look for ways they can serve those around us, as well as support those that are on overseas missions.

Our family was recently convicted to go to neighborhoods and share. Most people do not go to church because they haven’t been asked or have someone to go with that they feel cares about them. I’m praying for souls for our labor. We are praying for salvations. Their is nothing more important than seeing people come to know the Lord.

Thanks for commenting, Danette!

And thanks for raising your mission-minded kids to impact the world, growing up in Niger, speaking several languages, loving Jesus, sharing the Gospel to children, ministering to the poor … And everything else you guys do, every day!!!

A mission-minded child has a well-used passport.

I am a Pastor at Vanguard Church and we live life in community. Our church family is encouraged to enter into community life groups where we practice up, in and out together. What I mean by this is we challenge each other to have that up relationship with God that is so important to the in of living it out in our families and then going in the community and serving and spreading the good news. Our children need to see examples of what tangible Jesus love looks like. They need the Bible to come alive for them through watching their parents love people into authentic relationship with Jesus!

I plan to eventually use it at home with my own little boy for family prayer as he gets old enough, but I would LOVE to add a book like this to our resource center at World Mission Initiative, where we “show and tell” good mission resources for churches.

I use this with the Sunday School kids…once went through the book intro a people group/letter each week. ALso used when we are talking about a specific country/culture/religion associated with a missionary we are praying for etc.

I was just thinking about this topic this week….”Are we having the right conversations with our kids so we know what they are thinking in regards to -loving others as Christ- how to reach out to the hard to reach- are we in the word enough to know they are taking it with them to guide them through their day and understand God has a purpose even right now for them! I want them to get lost in God’s word with us!!!!! Thank you Rob! Always love your stuff!

I would love to use this book on Missions Monday. As the resource teacher, it is my responsibility to educate K-6 on missions and its importance. I believe it is beyond most American student’s comprehension that there are still people without access to the gospel.

We try to take children along when we are doing certain types of ministry. When I deliver meals to moms of new babies, the kids always go along with me. If Daddy participates in a church outreach, our oldest accompanies him.

Our family of five is heading to the mission field oveerseas and we are working to prepare our kids for the challenges ahead. This sounds like a great resource to help us teach our 8 year old about God, his faithful promises and how we can trust in him.

What a call to action! Gloria’s encouragement to cast a vision and to serve together are the words that stir me the most as I am in a new season of grandparenting. I’m so thankful for the Weave website that can provide resources that supply what I need to teach and train these precious lives God has given me. Thanks for sharing your insights, Gloria. I am inspired!

I am the momma of six. 3 bio and 3 foster ages 11 down to 1. I am feeling the huge need to revamp how we do our morning devotion at breakfast. Lately it just seems like I’m lecturing which is definitely not the way that I want it to go. This book would help change things up a bit and hopefully put new life into learning about God together.

I just read Ann’s other book, “The Mission Minded Child” and can’t wait to launch into this one! She gives such practical, biblical and encouraging guidance to help us becomes the shepherds our children need to open their eyes to God’s call to have a heart for and to reach out to all of the nations. I love that we have a world map on our wall and my kids gravitate to it all the time when we speak of other countries or missionaries working in other parts of the world.

My husband and I have always had missions as a vision for our lives since before the beginning of our marriage. But once we began having our daughters, our focus on missions has weaned. It has since reignited when I took Perspectives and my husband is completing it now. We don’t know how God is going to take us or when but we now want to make missions a focus for our family every day. We just didn’t know how. This website, which I just discovered, is a God-send! So often, missions for individuals or even couples are at the forefront and missions for families are seldom discussed. Thank you for having such an outlet and I look forward to learning more.

I just learned about this resource. I wish we had this when our kids were younger. Now we are teaching in a Christian school in Bogota Colombia. We have a weekly “mission spot” at our school that speaks into the lives of our 2nd – 8th graders. In addition our school enjoys hosting families and groups that want a cross cultural experience.
Making up for lost time,

This looks like a great resource! My family coordinates the Perspectives class in our area and is always exploring ministry opportunities in Milwaukee so we can help mobilize others into places that fit them well. I have found that many internationals love babies so our 10mo old is a great talking point!

This is my first time visiting this blog/website. What a great place! I was looking for ways to further develop and deepen the relationship my children have with the Lord. God answered through this blog! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Thank you, Mrs. Gloria, for your thoughtful words. It is easy to slip into a habit of unintentionality. I need constant reminders to set aside the laundry and dishes and pour Jesus into my kids. It’s often the kids who remind me that the Kingdom is now and his commission is living and vibrant and doable.

I love these wise words from my seasoned, Spirit-filled friend, Gloria. They resonate in my heart as I’ve launched two almost three to college and have a 14 year old son still at home with us – thank goodness! They speak to me because I see how quickly the years pass. Many days I still want to gather them to head to the library and then pack a lunch & head to the park! My heart cannot catch up with the fact they are no longer in our home. Pouring into them intentionally has peacefully calmed my heart on the days I feel their loss. Could I have done more? Absolutely. But unless you have a “loose” plan & implement it your good intentions will get pushed aside just like cleaning baseboards & organizing cabinets! Like anything else, realize there is time involved to be intentional. But, like you, my children are way more important than squeaky clean baseboards and picture perfect cabinets!

I’m hoping to find some encouragement from a resource like this in this area! Having 3 preschoolers, it’s often hard to find ways they can be helpful. So, we’re trying to have them help us with what we’re doing – sharing a meal or dessert, having them help us dog sit for a neighbor who doesn’t know the Lord, or praying with us for others.

Adopting a teenager it is challenging. We had been helping and teaching an orphan girl. Adopted from our hearts. We will be able to bring her home soon to be with us in USA. The time spent oversee, conversations by phone had been focused unto guiding her to find God’s purpose for her life, to love the mission. We wish she could be a missionary. I think this book can support greatly our family and all the families that know that they need to shine in this world and be light to this world in darkness.

Sounds like a great resource! Last year we did Focus on the Family’s “Around the World in 60 Days” and my 4yo was just asking today if we could do it again. I am also coordinating “mission moments” at our church for all the elementary kids, hopefully to grow our current program to move all families toward being what The Traveling Team calls “A World Christian.”

I have seen this book before and wanted to read it. I find that a lot of traditional service opportunities are difficult to do with young children. Sometimes they actively discourage children being around. I would like to understand how we can change our perspective and help others to welcome children into a life of service.

My family is grown, but I am working with others as we train our church family kids and give encouragement and resources to the parents. I would love to read and review this as a book to recommend. IT sounds like a wonderful resource.

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This is actually a terrific site.

We attend a mission driven church and are so very fortunate to have missionaries coming in and going out often. There are many times during our services that they get to talk about what God is doing in the countries they serve and our children attend these services with us. We also get their prayer cards and have a prayer bulletin board that we pin them on so that my children can pray for them during our family devotion time.

I absolutely love this article! This is exactly the stuff that God has been teaching me about lately. My oldest child is only 7, so we are still fairly young in our journey as a family, but I have been learning to look years down the road and generations ahead for my family as I cast vision for them.

I couldn’t agree more with your point about outsourcing the training of our children. It’s a sad and unfortunately common trend in our culture. I am encouraged to hear that you are starting a new legacy for your family. I am doing the same in mine. It’s hard to swim upstream, but very rewarding.

I’ve shared a bit about my journey on my site: http://www.fathervision.com. I hope we can continue to encourage one another in the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood.

Preach it Brother!
You and I have talked about the responsibility of the grandparents in the upbringing of their grandchildren. We, my wife and I, provide and read spiritually age appropriate books, speak to them of Jesus and and have them share things that they are thankful for daily with the family (our children and grandchildren).
I appreciate the “come along side” benefit of the Sunday school classes and youth groups, but I never depend on them to teach God’s word correctly we have always discussed what was said or taught in these classes after church to clarify any misunderstanding and correct poorly communicated messages.
You were are children’s pastor for many years and we even discussed your teaching every Sunday after youth group.
Love in Christ PJ

I’m coordinating teaching with the younger kids classes during an Sunday School opening time (pre-kindergarten–5th grade) I have begun to use The Journey materials based on Perspectives lessons. The other session each month is focused on our current quarterly mission project. We talk about what scripture says, learn about a new culture, and pray for missionaries and those who need to hear. I also plan to develop a library of missionary resources for teachers and families to use.

What a fantastic children’s story! Would love to use this within our own family for our two children. Plus, we participate on a mission team for our church and this would be a great resource to recommend for other families in our church body.

Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Extremely helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this certain info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

This was a fun study on a day when our church service was canceled due to the snow. Genesis 19 is always hard to read but it’s such a blessing to see God keep His promises throughout scripture. Where would we be without God’s promises? It’s hard to imagine having hope without God’s faithfulness to keep His word. It’s awesome to see that His word is much more than a promise that we can count on, and rest assured in, but that his word makes all things consist. What a blessing! Thank you for this study.

I am responsible for equipping parents of hundreds of elementary students to teach kids how to be mission minded. This would be an incredible resource for me. Please consider our family for this book. Our 13 year old and 15 year old have both traveled around the globe doing missions and I know we are called to share our passion for missions with others.

As I am reading through the Bible, time and time again I find that the “next generation” is always the one that strays from God. And I wonder why that is…is it that “this generation” is not speaking of and pouring His truths into the next generations. Oh, how I pray that that will not happen. This book is a great resource in helping me understand my responsibility to the next generation….not just leaving it to the Church to teach these truths, but intentionally living them out at home.

This looks like an amazing resource- it is so true that we often find ourselves parenting haphazardly, not because we lack desire but because it’s not an intentional decision. It is something I want to make more of an effort as I parent 2 boys (and 1 more we are in the process of adopting!)

I talk all throughout the day about having a “you first” attitude and not mememe. We also talk about how we have a cup inside of us which is filled with Gods love and if it is overflowing then it will spill out onto other people in the way that we talk and act. Whenever I see that she is not acting in a Godly way towards me or other people I will ask her about how her cup is and if she is filled with Gods love or not.

I have a list of character qualities with scripture that go along with them. When I or our kids struggle in a specific area we try (not always mind you 🙂 to reflect back on what the Scriptures say and how God is perfect in character. We are not. We need Him to help us, we can’t do it on our own. Not just kiddos but us parents as well!

We continually talk about him throughout daily life, giving Him praise and showing our kids He is good and faithful. Our boys every night think of something they can thank God for and also who they can pray for. They are learning that God is our provider and who we can trust.

Graça e paz amados!Estou encantada com o trabalho de vocês.Sou brasileira,e no meu país ainda não vi nenhum tipo de trabalho como esse.Eu e um outro irmão estamos tentando criar um site focado em Missões porque existe uma lacuna muito grande nessa área de Missões para crianças.Deus os abençoe!

I’ve always desired to work together in ministry with my husband. Now we are doing that, but I feel frustrated because of our different giftings and perspectives. With other people I would embrace the differences – but I’m having a hard time doing that. Maybe this book can help me figure it out!

[…] Weave, a new children and family ministry of the Center for Mission Mobilization, has created the following tools to help families to embrace both the person and purposes of Christ in their home discipleship. […]

My fiance’ Keith and I are eagerly anticipating our wedding this August. It would be amazing to have this resource before we are married to discuss and have some ideas refined. We are Youth Advisors together, also! 🙂
Karen and Keith

Now as a grandparent I am seeing the results both positive and negative of the imput into my childrens lives. I wish I would have had a clearer vision for my family which would have helped me stay closer to the call of God in my life.
At this stage of my life, my goal and vision is to help influence my grandchildren in their walk with the Lord, and to continue to be a Godly influence for my grown children.

I think this book focus in a very important topic to makes understand how God can unite us with purpose to fulfill as marriage. I think it is different from the common marriage books.
I would like to read it and to share with others. It will strengthens our marriage going toward fulfilling God’s plan for our lives together as a couple.

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