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Prayer Map

Great activities for the prayer map

Kids and families around the world are using these simple activities for fun ways to worship God and learn about his Heart for all peoples of the world.

Stickers for the World

Attach the map to a wall. Blindfold a child and give him a sticker. Direct the child to walk toward the map, touch it, and attach the sticker. Read the name of the country closest to the sticker. Pray for God’s Word (Bible sticker) to come to the people who live in that country, and pray for them to receive Jesus into their hearts (cross or heart sticker).

Missionary Photo Card Prayer

Lay the map on the floor. Have children sit around the map. Show the photo on the first missionary prayer card and read the names of the people in the family. On the map, locate the country where the missionaries serve. Choose a child to lay the photo card on the map. Pray for the missionaries using some of the prayer categories suggested below. Continue in the same way with the remaining prayer cards.

  • health
  • provision
  • safety
  • wisdom
  • language learning
  • new friends
  • encouragement
  • time with God
  • adjustment to culture
  • many people come to know God

Hurting Kids

Lay the map on the floor. Have the children sit around the map. Choose children to put a bandage on each of the following continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. Tell the children that many boys and girls around the world don’t have what they need to grow up healthy and strong. Choose a child to pull one item out of the bag. Talk about what it represents (see below). Have the child pick up a bandage from the map and replace it with the item chosen from the bag. Pray for God to provide for the need represented. For example: “God, please help the kids in Asia to have the medicine and doctors they need to stay healthy.”

  • fruit = hunger
  • notebook = no access to education
  • cup = without clean water
  • house = homeless
  • mom and dad picture = orphans
  • medicine = without healthcare

Light of the World

Lay the map on the floor. Have children sit in a circle around the map. Turn off most of the lights. Hand the flashlight to a child. When the music begins, the children pass the flashlight around the circle. When the music stops, the child with the flashlight stands and shines the light on one country on the map. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of families in that country to understand who Jesus is. Have the child sit back down in the circle, start the music, and continue in the same way.

Coin Toss

Lay the map on the floor. Tell the children to stand around the map. Choose a child to toss the coin onto the map. Read the name of the country where the coin lands. Pray for families in that country to come to know Jesus. If the coin lands on a body of water, pray for families in a country that borders that body of water. Hand the coin to another child and continue in the same way.

Kids Like Me

Lay the map on the floor. Tell the children lie down around the map, facing in. Choose 4 to 5 children to pick different countries on the map and point to them. Read the names of the countries they choose. Let each child pray for the children who live there, using one of the following categories. Here is a sample prayer: “God, please help the kids in Ecuador who like soccer come to know you.”

  • same age
  • same eye color
  • same name
  • same sport or hobby
  • same kind of pet
  • same hair color
  • same grade
  • same favorite color
  • same number of people in family
  • same favorite school subject

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