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Activities provide practical ways to embrace the Great Commission as a core vision of family discipleship, influencing new traditions and strategic lifestyle choices. Published weekly, activities unpack key concepts surrounding how and why we do missions, near and far. We focus on four key areas: Discover, Explore, Connect, and Live.

Why do we do missions? Bible-based activities trace God’s global heart, woven throughout Scripture. Discussion questions focus on the person and eternal purposes of Christ and what this means for us, as disciples of Jesus. Allow God to align your family’s hearts and lives with His desire to be glorified in all peoples.

How do we do missions? Experiential learning activities introduce aspects of missions: God’s movement in history, barriers and bridges to the gospel, unreached peoples, and the role of the Church. Step into your family’s place in history and use your God-given blessings to reach out to others both near and far.

Who is our focus when we do missions? First-person stories provide a window into the lives of boys and girls in unreached people groups. Stories include an interactive cultural activity, suggested recipe, and prayer focus. Help enlarge your children’s world while developing a lifestyle of prayer for their unreached peers around the globe.

How does my family do missions? Right-where-you-live activities that encourage new traditions, intentional lifestyle changes, and ministry involvement. It’s not about adding more to your plate, but making the most of everyday routines. Discover and embrace your family’s unique role in God’s kingdom and live it out in intentional ways.

with boys and girls from unreached peoples


Family Activity Names are so important to the Fulani. Just like you, children have a first name and last name (clan name). Middle names tell two things: 1. whether you are a boy or girl and 2. your birth order. Use the chart below to find your Fulani middle name. Have each family member make…

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Family Activity: Try carrying water like Liang and his sisters. Find a long pole like a broomstick, mop handle, tubes from your vacuum, or baseball bat. Hook a bucket (or plastic container with handles) over each end of the pole. Make sure the two containers are of similar size. Lift the pole with buckets and…

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Family Activity Decorate your faces just like Nang Kahm and her brother. Make your own face paints. 2 tablespoons corn starch 1 tablespoon body lotion/cream 1 teaspoon water Food coloring Mix all the ingredients except the food coloring. Make sure to mix until a creamy mixture forms without any lumps. Add a little water to…

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Family Activity: What would life be like if your family didn’t have a car? What if you had to walk to the grocery store or take a bus to visit your friends? Plan an outing to a destination in your downtown area or other place of interest. Use public transportation and other ways of travel…

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Family Activity: Play a version of the Ring Game like Yaren’s family and friends. Place six cups (not clear) upside down on the table or floor. Divide into two teams, the Guessers and the Hiders. While the Guessers turn their backs, the Hiders place the ring under one of the six cups. Then the Guessers…

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Family Activity: Riffians (Riffi Berbers) have a saying: “A meal without bread is not a meal.” Join Mahmoud’s family in creating your own designer bread. Give each person a round piece of biscuit dough. Refrigerated cans of biscuit dough work great. Use toothpicks to press special designs deep into the dough. Place the biscuit dough…

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Family Activity: Make your own lantern. Choose your favorite color of 9 x 12-inch construction paper. Cut off a strip, 1-inch wide, from one of the short sides. Set this aside for the lantern’s handle. Fold the piece of construction paper in half, lengthwise. Starting from the folded edge, use scissors to cut a slit…

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Family Activity: Give each child a book bag or backpack. Invite them to go to through the house, collect some of their favorite things, and put them in their bags. Gather together and let each child show some of the items from their bags. Imagine that this is all you own and that you must…

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Family Activity: Create your own puppets by drawing simple outlines of boys or girls on poster board. You don’t need to add clothes or facial features because the audience will only see the puppet’s shadow. Cut out the puppets. Use paper fasteners to make the puppet’s arms and legs hinged so you can move them.…

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Family Activity: Set up a tent in your backyard or house OR go an overnight camping trip with your family. Cook your dinner on a grill or over a fire. When it gets dark, tell stories or sing songs. No electronic games allowed! Think about the village where Watching Eyes lives. What would it be…

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