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Activities provide practical ways to embrace the Great Commission as a core vision of family discipleship, influencing new traditions and strategic lifestyle choices. Published weekly, activities unpack key concepts surrounding how and why we do missions, near and far. We focus on four key areas: Discover, Explore, Connect, and Live.

Why do we do missions? Bible-based activities trace God’s global heart, woven throughout Scripture. Discussion questions focus on the person and eternal purposes of Christ and what this means for us, as disciples of Jesus. Allow God to align your family’s hearts and lives with His desire to be glorified in all peoples.

How do we do missions? Experiential learning activities introduce aspects of missions: God’s movement in history, barriers and bridges to the gospel, unreached peoples, and the role of the Church. Step into your family’s place in history and use your God-given blessings to reach out to others both near and far.

Who is our focus when we do missions? First-person stories provide a window into the lives of boys and girls in unreached people groups. Stories include an interactive cultural activity, suggested recipe, and prayer focus. Help enlarge your children’s world while developing a lifestyle of prayer for their unreached peers around the globe.

How does my family do missions? Right-where-you-live activities that encourage new traditions, intentional lifestyle changes, and ministry involvement. It’s not about adding more to your plate, but making the most of everyday routines. Discover and embrace your family’s unique role in God’s kingdom and live it out in intentional ways.

how families do mission with God

Mercy Ministries

Family Activity: Teaching Time: 15 minutes Materials: a toy car with one or more wheels removed What’s wrong with this car? What would happen if you drove a car with wheels missing? Cars are created to drive straight and smoothly. If parts are missing, cars can’t do what they were created to do. God created…

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The term “orality” refers to the reliance on spoken word for communication. Many cultures are oral cultures. People pass down cultural traditions, history, and religion through spoken word, not putting anything into writing. Oral cultures rely heavily on remembering information since nothing is written down. They prefer familiar things and focus on putting important information…

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The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is a term used to describe a region of the world within 10 and 40 degrees latitude north of the equator, stretching from Western Africa to Eastern Asia. The vast majority of the unreached people in the world live in this region. They are “unreached” in the sense that they have not…

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Modern Era of Missions

William Carey is coined the ‘Father of Modern Missions.’ He was born in a small town in England in 1761. William enjoyed math, drawing, painting, and learning about bugs as kid. When he was 14, he became a shoemaker’s apprentice. Several years later Carey began following Jesus. He became a pastor with a heart for…

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The Holy Spirit

Before Jesus’ ascension, He commissioned the disciples saying, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) The arrival of the Holy Spirit gave New Testament believers the…

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Family Activity: Teaching Time: 10 minutes Materials: “God” sign, “Unreached” sign Option: If you do not have 3 children, you could use stuffed animals or dolls and tape the sign to them. Give one child the “God” sign and direct him to stand on one side of the room. Give the second child the “unreached”…

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Cultural Learner

Family Activity: Teaching Time: varying Materials: computer or local library, varying supplies   Be a cultural learner. Pick a country or a specific people group that has few believers. You can use a resource like or to do this. Over the course of the month, do the following: Find the country or location…

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History Makers

All of history is God’s story. Our place in history is not random. It is no accident that we were born into a specific time and place. God appoints the times and places that each of us lives. He raises up individuals and groups of people for His purposes in every historical era. He is…

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Using Blessings

Meet Natalie, a nine-year-old girl with a heart to bless others. “I started a nature club with my sister and some friends. We help neighbors by doing jobs like walking dogs, raking leaves, and picking up trash. Most people pay us. We were going to use the money for something else, but then at church…

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What do you see when you look at an apple – a piece of fruit? Think big! Envision its seeds growing and multiplying into an entire orchard, transforming a barren field. Our family needs to think big when we consider church-planting movements. The church is a life-giving organism that has the potential to evangelize and…

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