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Activities provide practical ways to embrace the Great Commission as a core vision of family discipleship, influencing new traditions and strategic lifestyle choices. Published weekly, activities unpack key concepts surrounding how and why we do missions, near and far. We focus on four key areas: Discover, Explore, Connect, and Live.

Why do we do missions? Bible-based activities trace God’s global heart, woven throughout Scripture. Discussion questions focus on the person and eternal purposes of Christ and what this means for us, as disciples of Jesus. Allow God to align your family’s hearts and lives with His desire to be glorified in all peoples.

How do we do missions? Experiential learning activities introduce aspects of missions: God’s movement in history, barriers and bridges to the gospel, unreached peoples, and the role of the Church. Step into your family’s place in history and use your God-given blessings to reach out to others both near and far.

Who is our focus when we do missions? First-person stories provide a window into the lives of boys and girls in unreached people groups. Stories include an interactive cultural activity, suggested recipe, and prayer focus. Help enlarge your children’s world while developing a lifestyle of prayer for their unreached peers around the globe.

How does my family do missions? Right-where-you-live activities that encourage new traditions, intentional lifestyle changes, and ministry involvement. It’s not about adding more to your plate, but making the most of everyday routines. Discover and embrace your family’s unique role in God’s kingdom and live it out in intentional ways.

God's heart for the nations


God’s story begins. Before the creation of the world, He existed. By merely speaking, He created the world we live in…every plant, animal, and star in the sky. Then He created man and woman in His own image. Neither Adam nor Eve looked like God, but they both reflected who God is. Humans were unique…

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Man’s Fall

Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of good and evil. They had chosen to disobey God and had broken their relationship. As a result, God pronounced punishment on the serpent and both the man and woman. At the same time, He also provided a promised hope that, while the serpent would bruise…

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God’s Command Restated- Noah (Genesis 9:1) Sin grew. Cain killed Abel. Seth was born, and the promise of the coming Savior continued through his line to his offspring, Noah. During Noah’s days, man was evil in every way, but God took notice of Noah and counted him righteous. God commanded Noah to build an ark.…

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God’s Command Ignored- Tower of Babel (Genesis 10-11) After the flood, the population of mankind began to increase again. Instead of filling the earth as God had commanded, people decided to live close together and make a name for themselves (Genesis 11:4). They chose their own glory over God’s. At that time, all the people…

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A Promise Put in Motion – Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) Many generations after the tower of Babel, God chose to speak to a man named Abram (later called Abraham) who lived in Haran. God called Abraham to leave his home and go to a land that God would show him. God didn't tell Abraham where he…

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The Promise Passed Down- Isaac The promise God made to Abraham was for both him and his offspring. God’s blessing was passed down to Abraham’s son, Isaac. God commanded Isaac to stay in the land promised to him, even during a great famine. Despite Isaac’s fear and opposition from neighboring herdsmen, he obeyed in faith.…

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The Promise Passed Down Again- Jacob (Genesis 28:14) Isaac had twin sons, Jacob and Esau. God chose to continue His promise through Jacob, the younger son. Aware of God’s promise, Jacob longed to receive God’s blessing. Instead of trusting in God’s ways and timing, Jacob tried to gain the promised blessing through bribery, deception, and…

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Israel’s 70 People Go to Egypt – Joseph (Genesis 46) Jacob’s family grew. His many sons would one day form the 12 tribes of Israel, the nation through whom the promised Savior would come. During a time of great famine, God used Jacob’s son, Joseph, to move their entire family to Egypt and save them…

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Glory Proclaimed – Moses and Pharaoh (Exodus 1-14, key: 9:16. 12:38) After Joseph died, the descendants of Jacob grew from a family of 70 to a nation of 2-3 million. To gain control over the Israelites (also called Hebrews), Egypt’s pharaoh enslaved them and treated them harshly. Through Moses, God set about freeing His people.…

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The Red Sea

A Kingdom of Priests Declared- Israel After Egypt (Exodus 19:5-6) Israel left Egypt and traveled towards the Red Sea. When Pharaoh’s army pursued them, God miraculously parted the water allowing His people to cross over on dry land. The people of Israel set up camp near Mount Sinai. Moses, their leader, went up to meet…

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