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Journal entries focus on the heart and motivation for World Christian parenting. Monthly articles written by key authors and ministry leaders offer wisdom and inspiration as you disciple your children and pursue intentionality in the midst of family life. Additional thoughts and devotionals written by Weave team members encourage you to draw near to Jesus for wisdom, strength, and grace as you navigate everyday realities and encounter situations you don’t feel equipped to deal with. Enlarge your vision for what God can do with ordinary families whose hearts and lives are yielded to Him.

Connect With God’s World:

Yak Snack Attack

In the last journal, you watched a video about the Khamba, an unreached people group of southeastern Tibet and western China (if you missed the video, find it here). Enjoy making a variation of a simple, but nutritious Khamba food with your family.

Cultural Activity:

Imagine watching your family’s herd of yak grazing happily on a grassy plateau on Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Yak are important to the Khamba for many reasons! Yak hair is woven into clothing. Hides are used to make boots and belts. Yak butter is a key ingredient in a favorite food–tsampa (ZAHM-pah). Make your own version of these barley flour dough balls. For a family of 6, you will need:

-720 ml (3 cups) tea

-3 pats of butter or margarine, each cut in half

-420 g (3 cups) barely or wheat flour

-380 g (2 cups) cinnamon-sugar mixture

-2 large bowls

-small cup and spoon for each person

  1. Place tea bags or loose tea in teapot or pitcher. Add boiling water to make 720 ml (3 cups) of tea.
  2. Let the tea steep for five minutes. Remove the tea bags and let the tea cool down.
  3. Set the cups around your table and add a half pat of butter to each cup. Pretend this is yak butter.
  4. Put the flour in one bowl. Put the cinnamon-sugar mixture in the other bowl.
  5. Sit in a circle with the bowls of flour and cinnamon-sugar in the center.
  6. Pour 120 ml (½ cup) of tea into each person’s cup to cover the pat of butter.
  7. Give each person a spoon. Show your children how to add spoonfuls of flour to their tea gradually, and mix it with their fingers until it forms a stiff dough.
  8. Pull off a small piece of the dough, roll it into a ball with your fingers, and dip it into the cinnamon-sugar to coat. Pop it into your mouth and repeat.

Afterwards, pray as a family for the Khamba to understand that Jesus is the one who provides all they need. Pray that they will accept the love and forgiveness that only Jesus can give.

About The Author: Catherine Owen has been happily married for 30 years and has raised four imperfectly perfect children. She loves teaching her grandbabies about Jesus through songs, games, and giggles. One day their parents will find all the tiny handprints they have traced in their Bibles as they have learned scripture verses together! She believes that learning about and sharing Jesus should be the most exciting adventure that life has to offer!

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