Parenting with a Global Vision

Intentional discipleship is hard.
Let us help.

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We live in a world of competing values and clamoring voices. Our family schedules are filled with what feel like important things and, in an era of history unlike any before, we wonder how best to intentionally disciple our children.

In the chaos of life, we know it is hard to remember that taking time to disciple our children in this moment matters past today. The challenges are real, but in the midst of all these things Jesus is inviting you and your children to join Him into the greatest story ever told.

Parenting with a Global Vision takes you on a 6-week journey of discovering why consistently guiding your children toward God’s heart and purposes for the nations may be the most strategic investment you ever make.

Explore what it means for your family to step into God’s story while engaging in deep and meaningful discussions with other parents along the way.

Parenting with a Global Vision can be used individually or with a small group. It benefits parents with children of all ages, with a primary focus on children ages 4-12.

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"In theologically astute and practically helpful ways this new resource will give every parent the framework necessary to live out God’s global purposes with their children."

-DR. BRIAN HAYNES, Author of Shift, What it Takes to Finally Reach Families Today



"Parenting with a Global Vision is yet another Divine call to the body of Christ, to pass the prime stewardship of children’s ministry back to the parents. This tool is an ideal encouragement to guide parents from raising kids with good, but limited human intentions to parenting in the limitless intentions of God."



I was raising my children to be God honoring and that's it, but now I’m raising them so that they might be part of seeing Revelation 7:9 realized.


It's easy to get wrapped up in meeting societal expectations and putting those values ahead of God's plan. God has a purpose for my children that is greater than I can comprehend.



"This well-crafted study comes alongside parents and invites them to discover and reflect on God’s global purposes, then consider how to apply what they learn to their own lives and families."


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