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Activities provide practical ways to embrace the Great Commission as a core vision of family discipleship, influencing new traditions and strategic lifestyle choices. Published weekly, activities unpack key concepts surrounding how and why we do missions, near and far. We focus on four key areas: Discover, Explore, Connect, and Live.

Why do we do missions? Bible-based activities trace God’s global heart, woven throughout Scripture. Discussion questions focus on the person and eternal purposes of Christ and what this means for us, as disciples of Jesus. Allow God to align your family’s hearts and lives with His desire to be glorified in all peoples.

How do we do missions? Experiential learning activities introduce aspects of missions: God’s movement in history, barriers and bridges to the gospel, unreached peoples, and the role of the Church. Step into your family’s place in history and use your God-given blessings to reach out to others both near and far.

Who is our focus when we do missions? First-person stories provide a window into the lives of boys and girls in unreached people groups. Stories include an interactive cultural activity, suggested recipe, and prayer focus. Help enlarge your children’s world while developing a lifestyle of prayer for their unreached peers around the globe.

How does my family do missions? Right-where-you-live activities that encourage new traditions, intentional lifestyle changes, and ministry involvement. It’s not about adding more to your plate, but making the most of everyday routines. Discover and embrace your family’s unique role in God’s kingdom and live it out in intentional ways.

out new family traditions


Churches around the world are very different. People read the Bible in different languages, sing different praise songs, and play different instruments.  Some believers meet in homes or outside. Some gather in small family groups where all ages learn together. No matter where or how believers worship, they have something in common – they know,…

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As your family embraces God’s global heart and begins to step into your role in fulfilling His purposes, you can multiply your effectiveness by bringing some believing friends along on the journey. Invite them into what you are doing by allowing them to observe your family in ministry and giving them non-threatening ways to participate.…

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Family worship is one way of passing down our faith to the next generation. Singing, praying, reading God’s word, and serving are elements of worship we can teach our children, but true worship goes beyond actions. Worship is a heart response of love towards God and a deep desire to honor Him in all areas…

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Car Time

Redeem those minutes (or hours) spent driving your children to and from school, church, practices, club meetings, and play dates. Family Activity: Teaching Time: varies by project Materials: varies by project Care for the homeless: While driving throughout town, we often see individuals standing on corners or in parking lots with signs asking for help.…

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Free Time

Whether you enjoy crafts, hobbies, sports or music, your family can leverage your free time by broadening the perspective of your children and blessing others. Here are some examples to get you started. If you have stories of things your family has done, comment below. Craft and hobby: Ten-year-old Rachel and her mom love knitting.…

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Bring your family back to the heart of Christmas by focusing on God’s greatest gift-- Jesus, the Light of the World. Family Activity: Teaching Time: 15 minutes Materials: 1 taper candle, 5 other candles, matches, printed gift tag, scissors, marker Many people decorate with candles at Christmastime. In John 8:12, Jesus calls Himself the Light…

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Media entertains us, but it can also teach and challenge us. You can be proactive by using movie content as a springboard for family discussions about how to live in a way that honors God and advances His kingdom. Family Activity: Teaching Time: 2 hours Materials: an age-appropriate movie (documentary on a global issue, movie…

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In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, God gives parents a list of valuable teaching times to impress spiritual things upon their child’s heart. One of those times is bedtime! Children are often receptive and open as the day is coming to an end. Family Activity: Teaching Time: 8 minutes initial, ongoing Materials: Bible Do you sometimes have trouble…

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At dinner, add a cultural element by eating your family meal in a way that is not typical for you. Family Activity: Teaching Time: 15-20 minutes Materials: chopsticks, large spoons, communal platter, bowls, tablecloth, etc. Forego silverware and use your hands or chopsticks. Instead of sitting at the table, sit on the floor around a…

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