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Activities provide practical ways to embrace the Great Commission as a core vision of family discipleship, influencing new traditions and strategic lifestyle choices. Published weekly, activities unpack key concepts surrounding how and why we do missions, near and far. We focus on four key areas: Discover, Explore, Connect, and Live.

Why do we do missions? Bible-based activities trace God’s global heart, woven throughout Scripture. Discussion questions focus on the person and eternal purposes of Christ and what this means for us, as disciples of Jesus. Allow God to align your family’s hearts and lives with His desire to be glorified in all peoples.

How do we do missions? Experiential learning activities introduce aspects of missions: God’s movement in history, barriers and bridges to the gospel, unreached peoples, and the role of the Church. Step into your family’s place in history and use your God-given blessings to reach out to others both near and far.

Who is our focus when we do missions? First-person stories provide a window into the lives of boys and girls in unreached people groups. Stories include an interactive cultural activity, suggested recipe, and prayer focus. Help enlarge your children’s world while developing a lifestyle of prayer for their unreached peers around the globe.

How does my family do missions? Right-where-you-live activities that encourage new traditions, intentional lifestyle changes, and ministry involvement. It’s not about adding more to your plate, but making the most of everyday routines. Discover and embrace your family’s unique role in God’s kingdom and live it out in intentional ways.

God's heart for the nations


Bible: Read the book of Jonah with your family. God gave Jonah an unthinkable task: taking the gospel to the Assyrians! The Assyrians were more wicked than any other people during that time and an enemy of the Jews. At first, Jonah was unwilling to go to Nineveh. He wasn’t afraid. Jonah just didn’t want…

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With a divided kingdom and a broken people, God began to send prophets to His people. The prophets predicted both the present and the future, and many pointed to the coming Messiah. Isaiah foretold God’s global plan long before Christ came. It would be too small a thing for Christ to come only for the…

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During the time that God’s people were exiles in Babylon, God proclaimed His name in this foreign land. Daniel was a believer in the true God. Highly respected in the eyes of King Darius, Daniel was made a trusted leader in Babylon. Other leaders became jealous and passed a law for the purpose of getting…

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Minor Prophets

As we go deeper into the Old Testament, we see the nation of Israel become more and more disobedient. So God raised up the prophets to remind Israel of their calling to be a holy, set-apart people who reflected Him to the surrounding nations. We see them trying to steer Israel back on course. The…

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The Savior

Between the Old Testament’s end and the beginning of the New Testament are 400 years of silence, with no recorded words from the Lord. God was at work, orchestrating historical events to prepare the world for the moment that would change everything - the arrival of Jesus. We all know the story of His humble…

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The Father’s Business

Jesus grew up in Nazareth, a small village in Galilee (Matthew 2:22-23). His earthly father, Joseph, was a carpenter who provided for their family, including Jesus’ younger brothers and sisters (Matthew 13:55). Jesus developed like other children. He got taller and stronger. He learned to think and use what He knew to make wise decisions.…

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Public Reading

In His hometown of Nazareth, Jesus stood in the synagogue, unrolled a scroll, and read from Isaiah 61. He kicked off His ministry by proclaiming that He had come to preach good news to the poor, recover sight to the blind, and release the oppressed. Everyone spoke well of Him until Jesus pointed out their…

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Fishers of Men

Jesus set out to call a small band of men as His disciples. Jesus spent a great deal of time investing in these men. This was part of His strategy. Jesus was not concerned about programs that might reach the multitude. Instead, He focused on investing in the men whom the multitudes would one day…

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Nicodemus, a Jewish leader, came to Jesus in the dark of night, confused and wanting to talk to the teacher. Nicodemus and Jesus talked about being born again of the Spirit. Then Jesus uttered some of the most quoted words in history: “For God so loved the WORLD, that he gave his one and only…

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