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THUMB is an acronym for the major non-Christian religious belief systems embraced by unreached peoples. Imagine a hand. Start with the thumb. Each of the five fingers stands for one religious bloc. The first letter of each can be combined to spell the word THUMB. T = Tribal H = Hindu U = Unreligious (Atheist)…

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THUMB Teacher’s Resource Kit

Six-lesson curriculum built on the THUMB acronym introduces kids to the 10/40 Window and the five major non-Christian belief systems found around the world. Includes videos, songs, cultural activities, prayer, Bible lessons. Includes two duplicate CDs, two duplicate DVDs, and four prayer card sets.

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THUMB Coloring Book

Take your kids beyond the ordinary to the amazing spectrum of peoples and cultures in the world with the newly illustrated THUMB Coloring Book. Every fun drawing includes a caption with a cultural fact about each of 25 vibrant people groups in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Activities will engage kids ages 4-10 in…

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Kids’ THUMB Prayer Cards

A full-color prayer card set built on the T.H.U.M.B acrostic. Each card includes a photo, people group name, map, fun fact, belief statement, and prayer request. Great family prayer tool.

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10/40 Window Kids

This curriculum teaches kids about the 10/40 Window and THUMB peoples and encourages them to discover how God can use them in His plan to reach unreached peoples. Includes geography, art, food, prayer activities, crafts, and a music video "Now Is the Time". Video run time is 10:45 minutes.

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Praying Higher Things for Your Children

As parents we pray diligently for our children, at least until they’re born. We then spend the rest of the time praying for ourselves, “Lord, deliver us from this evil.” I think the prayers of today’s parents may go something like this: Dear Lord, I pray that You keep my child away from all evil,…

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Survey Thank You

Thank you for giving us your feedback. Enjoy this sample of our new THUMB Coloring Book. To order the full version, visit the Weave store. Free Download Update your profile. Have you added your family photo, shared your family vision statement, and began sharing resources with friends and family? Start now! Manage your profile Follow…

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Kids Mission Skits

Twenty fun presentations that give kids a way to communicate God's heart for the world to their audience. Fourteen skits on mission issues like THUMB, the unreached, and mission roles. Skits require four to six actors and minimal props. Six historical narratives from famous missionaries - Gladys Aylward, Elisabeth Elliot, Eric Liddell, David Livingstone/Florence Nightingale, Harriet…

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