John & Tisha Patton
John & Tisha Patton

Family Vision Statement

By the grace of God, the Patton family desires to wholeheartedly love God and others and strives to serve God with the gifts He has given us, emphasizing the remaining task of proclaiming God’s love to all peoples of the earth. 1 Chronicles 16:23-36 Love – Loving God, family, and others as Christ has loved us. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Grow – Grow ourselves along with others in wisdom, maturity, and righteousness. 2 Timothy 2:2 Mobilize – Mobilizing ourselves and others to be strategic with their life for God’s glory. Matthew 28:18-20 1 Initiative – Taking initiative when good work needs to be done. Galatians 6:9

We are the Patton family! With three boys, there is never a dull moment. John and I stay in laughter and prayer as we deal with frogs, rock collections, and our boys constantly testing the laws of gravity. We are helping our kids develop a heart for the nations by welcoming international students into our home, praying for the unreached and missionaries (and their kids), and sending care packages to missionary kids. It has been awesome to see our kids grow in their love and compassion for the nations.

John & Tisha Patton's comments

While Tisha was out with her girlfriends for the weekend, I did “secret church” with the boys. We wrote out some scripture on scrap paper beforehand, and Titus hid it in his shoe. He picked the Daniel in the Lion’s Den story randomly (one of his favorites), and it was great to use that passage because it’s about Daniel praying in the privacy of his own home while spies and government officials arrest Daniel for praying to His God. We hid in the baby’s room, used a flashlight, and got the handwritten verse out and read it together. It totally applied to the situation, and the boys took turns playing “lookout”. Of course, by the end our time, they were telling me dozen’s of spies and Kings were walking around looking for us. I then told them about the mother in Sudan who has recently been arrested for being a Christian. It was great to be some reality to the pretend time. So the boys prayed for this mother who is scheduled to die for her faith after she delivers her baby. The boys had a great time and learned a lot. We talked about our missionary friends who live in places that really do have to meet in secret. Thanks Weave team!!!

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