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Enhance your family’s learning experience with these additional tools. Be challenged in new ways, grow deeper in specific areas, or recommend resources to other families who are on this journey with you. Gathered from across the publishing and ministry world, the resources recommended here represent the best materials available on missions and children. Multiple search features make it quick and easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Each resource includes detailed descriptions and a direct link for ordering. Explore products exclusively from Weave by clicking the “Created by Weave” tab.

THUMB Coloring Book

Weave, 2015

Take your kids beyond the ordinary to the amazing spectrum of peoples and cultures in the world with the newly illustrated THUMB Coloring Book. Every fun drawing includes a caption with a cultural fact about each of 25 vibrant people groups in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Activities will engage kids ages 4-10 in learning about these unique groups and their need to hear the life-changing gospel message of Christ.

This coloring book is built on the THUMB acrostic – a fun, easy way to remember the major non-Christian belief systems found around the world. You can teach your kids to remember and pray for people with these beliefs by using this acrostic:

  • T is for Tribal
  • H is for Hindu
  • U is for Unreligious (or atheist)
  • M is for Muslim
  • B is for Buddhist

Includes important facts about other belief systems, focused prayer points, a world map indicating where each people group lives, and suggestions for using this book with your family or church class.

People groups represented: Tribal – Bhil, Esimbi, Hmong, Samburu, Yanomamo; Hindu – Bania, Dalit, Gujarati, Maratha, Rajput; Unreligious – Han, Japanese, Lao, North Korean, Subei; Muslim – Bedouin Arab, Fulani, Jambi, Madurese, Patna; Buddhist – Dai, Hmong, Khamba, Intha, Vietnamese.

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