The Fraiser Family
The Fraiser Family

We are an intercultural family with a heart to see Christ glorified among the nations! Ian grew up in the Philippines and Stephanie is from Canada. She moved to Texas when she was nine, and Ian moved to Florida when he was thirteen. We met and fell in love during our university years in Arkansas and got married straight out of school. About two years later we joyfully welcomed our son Thaddeus into our family. Ian loves doing graphic design, Stephanie loves serving families as a natural birth assistant, and Thad loves his toy kitty and blankets and climbing and trying new words and growling... By God's great mercy we are on a journey with Him to shine His light and share His salvation in a dark and hurting world.

The Fraiser Family's comments

We have read several great books by Christian pastors and authors on marriage and find that being reminded regularly of God’s plans and purposes for marriage helps us keep our focus on Him and recognize and reject any lies we may have started accepting! We would love to read this one that is more geared towards how we can impact the World for Christ together!

My junior high sunday school teacher frequently read us these stories of persecuted and even martyred Christians all around the world clinging to their faith in Christ and I think it really challenged me to take my faith seriously and dig into knowing and serving Christ with my life.

This, combined with a podcast from Focus on the Family I heard recently about letting your kids learn by doing, makes me think that perhaps more important than our kids being perfect and getting it right the first time is the story that God is choosing to teach the world through them. I know I don’t get it right the first time all the time, but hopefully I’m teaching the world that there is grace for the mess-ups and that our worth is not dependent on our performance.

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