Alicia Bennett
Alicia Bennett

Family Vision Statement

Our family’ exists to mobilize and disciple those whom God brings across our path to become World Christians, passionate about seeing God’s glory among the nations and purposefully engaged in ways they can be a part of God’s Great Commission. That starts at home with intentional parenting, cultivating a God-honoring marriage and inviting people to break bread with us.

Alicia Bennett is fueled by a passion to see God’s name made known to all the nations. Alicia is a teacher, mobilizer, and mom empowering the youngest generation to take up the mantle of faith and run the race well. She has written and taught dozens of children’s mission lessons to illuminate what the Bible says about God’s heart for all tribes, tongues, and nations. Connect with her on Instagram @mobilizermom.

Alicia Bennett's articles

Live Out God’s Work:

Become a Sending Family

When I was a teenager, my family moved overseas. It was difficult to leave my friends behind, but it was even more challenging to go to a country where everything was different! Not only did I have to make new friends at a new school, but I had to learn new cultural norms and get…

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Connect With God’s World:

Experiencing the World with Your Children

God created a beautiful array of peoples and cultures and He pursues them all with the sacrificial love of His son, Jesus Christ. Learning about different cultures and peoples is a fun and exciting way to point your child towards God’s heart for the lost. There is no need to travel the world to instill…

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Experiencing the Olympics with God in Mind

Competition is part of childhood, whether kids are competing against friends, siblings, or themselves. The Winter Olympics, February 9-25, offer a great opportunity to foster a healthy competitive spirit as our families cheer for our favorite athletes and keep track of our country’s medals. This year’s Winter Olympics take place in South Korea, a country…

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