Lauren Gonzalez

Lauren is a wife and a young mom who enjoys photography, home interiors, and iced coffee. Her heart is to raise her children with an instinct for justice and to know God, love Him and worship Him all the days of their lives. She desires to see every family step into their role in God's big story!

Lauren Gonzalez's articles

Changing the Course for Future Generations

You likely know that over the past 70 years or so, children raised in the church have been leaving the faith. Perhaps worse, children who grew up in “Christian homes” are increasingly facing the world with an anemic faith that leaves them unable to stand up against the secularism of our day.  As parents, we…

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Fridge Photos, Missions, and Your Children

Editors’ Note: If we want our children to view participating in God’s mission as a natural part of their life with Jesus, we need to model what this looks like in everyday family life. Here is an example of sending that impacted three generations.  Today my daughter spoke about our friends in Zambia. Before her…

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God Who Pursues

So much about parenting is hard. The sleepless nights, the pouring out, the not knowing what I’m doing. But the hardest thing is how little control I have over what matters most. Jeff and my greatest hope for our children is that they’d know and walk with Christ. My greatest fear is that they won’t.…

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Live Out God’s Work

The Missing Piece

Hannah served in Nairobi, Kenya for three years, mobilizing university students. Although she found students eager to engage in opportunities to learn and live out God’s mission, she often encountered parents whose apprehensions about missions inadvertently hindered their children from responding to God’s call on their life. Could family mobilization be the missing piece? Find…

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