Kim Blackaby

Kim Blackaby lives in Vancouver, Canada. Together with her husband, Tom, she is co-author of The Family God Uses. Kim enjoys leading women's ministry at her church and speaking at various family and women's events.

Kim Blackaby's articles

For You and Your Children:

Families and Generations

Who is your God? Several times, God identified Himself as “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Not the God of the sun, moon and stars, the God of mercy, grace, and forgiveness, or the only true God. He was all of those things, but the identity of the nation of Israel was wrapped up…

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When A Child Prevails in Prayer

Have you ever spent your whole life praying for something and not seen the answer you hoped for? (When you are a 16-year-old boy, ten years can seem like your whole life.) That is how long my son, Conor, has prayed for a man named David to be set free. Fifteen years ago, David felt…

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Trophies Worth Striving For

I raised an athlete. My son had a bent towards sports from the time he was a toddler. Balls, bats, or hockey sticks were the only toys that sustained his attention for long. Not being an athlete myself, I was not prepared as a mom for all that this would mean – many miles logged…

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Positioned to Be the Light

I love candles. I learned to love candles on long, dark winter nights in Norway. Lighting a candle on the dinner table or some tea lights on the coffee table made the room a little warmer, a little cozier, the darkness less oppressive. Growing up on the Canadian prairies where the winters were harsh and…

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Conversations that Connect

I used to be afraid to talk to people. As a young person I was extremely shy and introverted around people I didn't know. I would marvel at my extroverted friends and their ease at engaging almost anyone in conversation, but that skill seemed to elude me. Then I met Jesus. When I entered into…

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When Is Safe Too Safe?

It was one of those nights on the Canadian prairies. The violent thunderclaps, flashing lightning and gale force winds had brought us to this place – hiding in the basement. Why the basement? My mother had a profound fear of thunderstorms and the further she could get from the noise and tumult of the storm,…

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Making It Count

In a crowded living room, gathered with his family around a black and white television set in 1969, 9-year-old Chris Hadfield decided what he wanted to do with his life. As he watched Neil Armstrong step onto the surface of the moon he knew, with absolute clarity, that he wanted to be an astronaut. Of…

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For You and Your Children

Who is your God?  Several times, God identified Himself as “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. Not, God of the sun, moon and stars, God of mercy, grace and forgiveness or the only true God. He was all of those things, but the identity of the nation of Israel was wrapped up in the…

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In the Beginning, God

We live in a self-centered world – particularly in North America, where it is all about me: my goals, my dreams and my needs. A Nigerian fellow visiting America was astonished to see so many cars with only one or two people in them. He remarked, “In my town, if you go to the store…

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