Jeannie Marie

Jeannie Marie grew up overseas, served internationals in the US, and moved with her family to an unreached people group in India. She is the author of Across the Street and Around the World, a global strategist, and an adventurous mother of four.

Jeannie Marie's articles

Eid al-Fitr

Family Activity

Exploring traditions from other cultures is one way to expand your family’s view of the world and cultivate a heart for the peoples that God loves. Learn about Eid al-Fitr (EED ahl-FI-ter), one of two official celebrations for Muslims all around the world. Every year, Muslims look forward to Eid al-Fitr, the biggest holiday of…

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Welcoming: Bring Your Children With You

Maryam threw open the door, waving my five-year-old daughter and me into a colorful, loud room, covered women and laughing children everywhere, with tables piled high with all kinds of Iraqi specialty dishes. “You are my special guests! Come meet all my friends. Here is little Kashka, who is your Savannah’s age.”  Maryam grasped Savannah’s…

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How Our Family Welcomed Asylum Seekers

One ordinary Monday night, after school and soccer practice, in the middle of our suburban middle-class life, my husband and I called our children into the living room for a family meeting. Just because we didn’t live in India anymore, didn’t mean we couldn’t serve the nations, right where we lived. “People from Guatemala are…

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Lessons from a Teenage Fisherman

One of Weave’s guest authors, Jeannie Marie, recently vacationed with her family in Mexico. Many of her on-the-beach observations apply directly to the way in which we, as parents, mobilize our children to engage in God’s mission of blessing the nations. Enjoy this version of her blog post, adapted by Karen Hardin, Weave. I’m sitting…

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