The Bennett Family
The Bennett Family

Family Vision Statement

Our family’ exists to mobilize and disciple those whom God brings across our path to become World Christians, passionate about seeing God’s glory among the nations and purposefully engaged in ways they can be a part of God’s Great Commission. That starts at home with intentional parenting, cultivating a God-honoring marriage and inviting people to break bread with us.

Jeff and Alicia met in college at married a few months after they graduated. Jeff works as an electrical engineer for a company that launches rockets. He also serves as an elder at their home church. Alicia, after many years of working as a missions mobilizer, is home with their three boys. She serves in coordinating mission speakers for the kids at their home church. Zachariah was born in August 2009 and is full of words. We pray he "speaks words of Truth" throughout his life - pointing others to God's Word. Joshua was born in February 2012 and is a passionate little guy. We pray he will "choose like Joshua and dance like David" meaning he will be a wise and passionate leader. Matthew was born in September 2014 and is a sweet, gentle soul. We pray his "gentle strength will lead many to the Lord" as he humbly serves others.

The Bennett Family's comments

Thank you for sharing your heart! As a young mom with three young boys, I often find myself wondering what God is doing and why I can’t be “doing more” to serve Him. Thank you for reminding me that I am not “there” yet and sometimes all he wants for us is to worship Him. In that moment of dirty laundry, poopy pull-ups and crying babies. Thank you for connecting with me.

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