Karen Hardin

Karen Hardin is passionate about equipping children and families to understand God’s global purposes and embrace their role in advancing His kingdom. She loves creating mission resources, training, and hanging out with some of the cutest folks on the planet—kids.

Karen Hardin's articles

Children in His Story Part 4

Once boys and girls understand and embrace God’s heart and purposes for the peoples of the world, most are eager to participate in God’s work. Because their enthusiasm is contagious, children find it easy to enlist others to join them. Here are two examples of children mobilizing other believers. THE YEAR WAS 2010. THE PLACE…

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Children in His Story Part 3

If you asked Mary Jones to share her greatest wish, her response would be clear: “I want a Bible of my very own, in my own language.” What Mary did not know was how God would use her desire and determination to pave the way for people in many cultures to read God’s Word in…

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Children in His Story Part 2

Throughout history, God used children to advance His mission to make Himself known and worshipped among all nations. In some cases, children were pivotal … The year was 1965. The place was Indonesia. Revival swept across the island of Timor, not only among the adults, but among children as well. Here is what happened one…

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Children in His Story

Throughout history, God used children to advance His mission to make Himself known and worshipped among all nations. In some cases, children were pivotal … The year was 1727. The place was Germany. The Moravian community was fasting and praying. Just like at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit moved, bringing revival and focus among the adults…

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Empowering Kids to Make a Difference

Transformation comes when we not only tell children how they can join with God in His story, but also give them opportunities to do so. Here is an example of how one group of African leaders are empowering children in their community. What do your children do on a Sunday afternoon? In Goma, a city…

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When Modeling Mobilizes

The Seed Company works through native speakers to translate Scripture for people groups who do not have God's Word available in their heart language. Here’s a true story of how God used a nine-year-old girl and her mother to mobilize their local church to become involved in a translation project called Adopt-A-Verse. My name is…

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Google Translate: Love

It is not easy for any child to transition to a new school and make new friends. It was especially difficult for Rafael, a boy who spoke only Spanish in an English-speaking school in California, USA. The 10-year-old boy often found himself sitting alone at lunch --until Amanda came along and broke the language barrier.…

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When Dads and Daughters Hear God’s Voice

An eager participant chose a front-row seat for the Big Story training. Over the next three days, the truths he learned about God’s heart for the nations and the role of families in God’s mission began to transform his heart and shift his paradigms. Returning home, this Ethiopian husband and father began to pass on…

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A Mom Embraces God’s Mission

Meklit is a stay-at-home mother of three. She lives in a crowded urban neighborhood in Ethiopia. Meklit used to keep her family close, protected within the walls surrounding her home. She worried about the diseases her children might catch and the bad behavior they would learn if they spent time with the neighborhood kids, particularly…

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Prayers of Hope for the Nations

In 1997, Hope Smith was 9 years old. She lived in Virginia, USA with her family. Hope was home-schooled by her mom. Like most teachers, Hope's mother gave her homework. Hope’s assignment was to learn about another country and write a report. Hope chose the country of Mongolia. She checked out books from the library…

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