Carissa Potter

Family Vision Statement

Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts. Isaiah 26:8

Carissa Potter is a fun-loving, world-traveling, truth-sharing, lover of Jesus. She desires to see every child around the world love and follow Jesus with a childlike faith that carries them into adulthood as they find their place in God’s global story.

Carissa Potter's articles

More Than Just a Kid

The warm California sun leaked through the windows. A dozen squirmy young children sat on the floor in front of me, with skinned knees from failed bike riding attempts and sun-kissed cheeks from hours of outdoor play. They listened with wide-eyed anticipation as I told the story of a small river rock who dreamed of…

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Developing the Heart of a Leader

Silent and still, I stayed there, sitting on a giant bean bag in the corner of the room, watching Dakota take her younger brother on an imaginary adventure. With gentleness and grace, she showed him the ropes of playing make believe. I adored the way he listened to her, eyes wide, soaking in every word…

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When Dads Obey the Voice of God

I did not know his name but I remembered his face. During my first Weave BIG Story training in Ethiopia, he sat just in front of me on my right hand side. He was always dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt, faithfully taking notes through each and every session. He spoke only enough English…

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I lay there under a giant oak tree, whose branches stretched out like a canopy above us. The sound of rustling leaves and the warmth of the sun soothed my soul. Closing my eyes, I let the last hour of my life replay in my mind. Sitting on the wooden porch, blowing bubbles, rocking in…

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Pushing Through Fear Towards Purpose

There it is again. A deep, unsettled feeling creeps into my soul, wrapping its tentacles around my heart. The truth is, stepping into God’s purposes scares me. The vision is so grand that is seems vastly out of reach. It’s global, foreign and unknown. The unknown has never seemed like a wanted companion, especially when…

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Trading My Book for a Chapter

When the Rest of the Story Isn’t My Own

Curling my little legs up to my chest, I snuggled deep into the couch, my Beauty and the Beast comforter hedging my eight-year-old self in. Book in hand, I drift out of this world and into another one filled with new people and places. As a child, I loved the characters in my books. They…

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Meeting Winter for the First Time

Embracing Life’s New Seasons

I was born and raised in California. Seasons never quite made sense to me when I lived there. There was warm, hot, and hotter … with a few days of cool Santa Anna winds and the spring showers of February and March to spice things up every now and again. But then my life course…

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Sam’s Story

There he went, again. Sam* was running around the classroom in circles, pounding on things as he went, distracting the rest of the class in every way possible. For three years this is what I dealt with. I thought Sam would grow out of it, but when he moved up to my kindergarten classroom, nothing…

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